Food Garden & Homestead

Design, Installation, & Maintenance

We specialize in food gardens - from one bed to a whole homestead.  Free initial consultation and estimate!

  • Installation of in-ground beds, raised beds, drip irrigation, chicken coops, plants, seeds, and more

  • Renovation of existing beds and neglected gardens

  • Maintenance of your garden: spring prep, weeding, harvest help, fall cleaning and cover-cropping

  • Design your dream homestead, a basic garden layout, planting and harvesting schedules, and irrigation

  • Do-It-Yourself and save - we'll provide materials, instruction, and support while you do the work

  • Stand-Alone Services such as rototilling, plants, and seeds in case you just need a little help 


Grow your own - farm your yard!

We're farmers. But for your yard!

Our head farmer, Mark (shown here tilling up a yard for in-ground beds), used to manage an organic farm, and now has his own Yard Farm.

Our crew is experienced in organic farming and gardening, homesteading, sustainable living, and permaculture design.

And of course, we're licensed and insured.


Healthy food is for everyone!

The Yard Farmers take care of our environment and give back to our community

  • Organic is a beginning - we don't use any chemicals, but that's just the start.  We feed the soil as well as the plants, so you have a healthy garden for years to come.

  • Nature knows best - Our job as farmers is to work with nature, not against her.  Permaculture ethics and principles guide our ecology-minded practices.

  • Good food is a right - there are huge injustices in our current food system that the current crisis is making worse.  We donate a portion of profits to local food justice organizations, and offer sliding-scale pricing for nonprofits and marginalized communities.


Get in touch with Yard Farmers!

To schedule your free consultation and estimate, or to ask us any questions you might have, give us a call at 303-520-9349,

email us at, or fill out this form:

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